Am 12. Jänner 2017 fand der diesjährige Fremdsprachenwettbewerb an der HLTW13 statt. Um die 40 Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmer zeigten dabei ihr sprachliches Talent...

Weiterlesen... der Bergheidengasse war ein Erfolg! Frostiger Tag aber köstlich "gepimptes" Streetfood.



Darf ich bei Partys, Schulbällen & Co. eigentlich kostenfrei Musik abspielen? Wenn nein, wie viel muss ich bezahlen?


What to expect from Intercultural Training


Teaching outside the classroom

The most beautiful thing in the world is, of course, the world itself. Travelling can greatly transform a person and lead to a personal growth. It removes us from our comfort zones and confronts us with other cultures.

What would be more important to teach than how to interact with people all over the world without offending them or not even knowing what you did wrong? To understand that there is no such thing as ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ behaviour, but just to get to a point where you can accept the fact that it is just different our own. IR brings you to a level where you know how to absorb another culture in different dimension and understand it. Not only that you will also learn how to interpret your own culture even better and understand the background and reasons of certain behaviour.

Fortunately, we had the possibility to visit several countries, throughout the three years which has not only had a great impact on our communication skills, but also affected our general view of cultures.


Referring to our trip to Ireland:

Certainly we were prepared (shout out to Mr. Panis), we knew what cultural differences would expect us, how to face them and react the best way possible. My class visited countries such as Ireland, where the cultural differences did not seem as big but,for example, also Rome, where, as I think, everybody developed a big interest in the culture. At first I was concerned that we would not pay attention to our surrounding and notice the differences, just because we simply would not have to leave our comfort zone in a group of friends and colleagues. Being with them 24/7 and could behave like we do at home. But we soon noticed that a culture is bigger than all of us and absorbs you without you noticing, let alone be able to protest against it. After a few days of ‘appropriating’ their habits, it felt like the most normal thing to. Just small things like not tipping or greeting on the street. You just grow in them mentally

Career Day Bergheidengasse. Exklusiv für uns präsentierten die Partnerunternehmen Karrieremöglichkeiten in ihren Betrieben.


Irland blog, 4HRD students:


Flora Sutter:

„Come on folks! We are going on a terrible trip to Ireland. It’s going to be cold, wet, and horrible!” was the beginning of one of the best trips I ever had.

Personally it was my first time on that incredible green island. It kind of felt like coming home when I first saw the cost of Ireland out of the plane window, I guess that’s the charm of this country. Or it was the fact that I was able to be there with my second family.

I really was overwhelmed by the antique culture and Irelands architecture. Every time I walk trough the door of a church it felt like a time travel. And walking through nature was like getting lost in an episode of “Game of thrones”. Besides the daily fieldtrips my favorite thing was meeting the whole class on the beach at night and just being there and laughing.


Melissa Mares:

As for me it was my second stay on the wonderful “Emerald Isle”, this journey was full of emotions and new experiences I was very moved and touched by. Our class community is very different to others I believe, we can depend on each other in every when it gets tough, we always have fun and especially on trips like this where we grow even closer and spend a lot of time together, I feel very lucky to be a part of this wonderful “family”. We were very happy that also the ones we lost on the beginning of this years accompanied us and were able to witness this adventure.

Our program was full of day trips, culture, shopping and unfortunately school, which was surprisingly funny! We saw things as Glendalough, the Guinness Storehouse, Dublin City, Newgrange and the beautiful Howth were we enjoyed Ireland´s nature while walking along the Cliffs. Living in Bray was very practical, we were near Dublin as well as the ocean, which was just a 15 minutes' walk from our accommodation, so of course a lot of nights were spent together on the beach with music food and good friends. One of these nights was actually my birthday and I can tell you there is no better way to celebrate.



Nora Schäffler:

How did I like our trip to Bray, Ireland?

Our class is really into travelling, so we all got really excited just thinking about our trip before we even left. Guess that’s why we chose “International Relations”!
For me, I always really appreciate being with my classmates.
I have never been to Ireland before, but I felt really at home and comfortable from the first day on.

The green landscapes, the beach and the Irish dialect had a special charm and suddenly I could understand why we have chosen to come here.
It is always a pleasure being a part of a new family and to see a new lifestyle.
After that special week I felt full of energy and positive vibes and had no single doubt of managing this stressful school year.

Journeys like that show us that you can learn a lot without studying for hours…


Marieluise Weinrother:

Ireland, one of the best journeys our class ever had! It was a great alternative to school, and we got to know another culture much better than we would ever learn in school. Even though we were in Ireland for just one week we got to know a lot of this amazing country. We visited many touristic attractions but also saw the “real” Ireland by living with an Irish family.
 We got to know the lifestyle of another family. For one week I had a little sister who had, funny enough, the same nickname as me “Mise”. It really surprised me because Mise is not that common.
Not even the point we learned a lot about a new culture fascinated me the most. I think one of the most important times in Ireland was when the whole class spent time together. We enjoyed our evenings at the beach together. For me those were really magical nights and it showed us how strong our class community is.


Lisa Baldauf:

All of us had a really good time! It was very relaxed even though we did have a tight schedule and visit a lot of tourist attractions. In the evening, we always had some free time where we could hang out in Bray at the beach or in Dublin. All in all, it was a really good trip!


Anna Donner:         

I really liked the trip! It was amazing and really beautiful! I loved the people because they are so friendly. My group of friends grow closer. I love that. I loved Glendalough and New Grange a lot as I am a giant history fan. Also, I loved hanging with our friends and talk more freely than we do in school and talk to people that we wouldn't talk to in class. But the best part was talking to the Irish people. They are so nice and kind and that made it great to talk to them.


Nina Prand:

I loved the air and the landscape! It is so different than Austria. The cliff walk in Howth was very beautiful! This excursion brought the whole class closer. I also loved our host family! They are super sporty and very active! The children all played their national sport called Gaelic football. I was very impressed by that! In Bray, we often spend our evenings at the shore which I really enjoyed. All in all, it was a beautiful trip!


Leitartikel Sprachreise Irland


Hello dearest friends,

Guinness! Beach! The cliffs! Glendalough! The best fish and chips! Boyne Valley, Newgrange! Dublin city! Crazy and unforgettable time with your classmates!
And of course a lot of culture…

Do you already know what we are talking about? Yes! You are right, our class 4HRD had the pleasure to see and feel the Irish lifestyle in real life.
On October 7th we made our way to Schwechat airport, jumped on the plane, hopped off in Dublin, Ireland and started our adventure.
On the first day we already got to meet our new host families and accommodations for our week full of experiences and fun.
We all lived in Bray, a charming little town next to Dublin.
As Bray has a beautiful beach, we spent a lot of evenings there together, shared a lot of memories and became that strong and close class community that we are today.

We had a daily programme and that’s how our school “PACE” lesson flow by.
“PACE” is a really old fashioned and typical Irish school.
At the beginning it was a bit hard to understand our teacher, Rowry,because like almost everbody in Ireland has a really strong accent.
Have you ever heard an Irish person talking and realised it sounds more American than British?

The whole week was filled with many interesting and awesome excursions, which we will never forget.

Nora Schäffler